2015.B.1.2. Interplanetary CubeSat Launch Opportunities and Payload Accommodations


Roland Coelho (1)

  1. Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems Inc., USA




Interplanetary Launch Opportunities, Payload Accommodations


As CubeSat technologies and capabilities grow exponentially, interplanetary CubeSat missions are starting to become a reality. However, there are still many challenges these CubeSats must face. Launch opportunities can be the single biggest hurdle and CubeSats have little input in the launch trajectory or timeline. However, Tyvak is currently working with U.S. and international launch providers to build in CubeSat capacity on these launches where the upper stage is sent into a highly elliptical or escape orbit. Tyvak also provides additional capabilities to sensitive CubeSat payloads, such as nitrogen purge. With the first potential commercial interplanetary mission scheduled for mid 2016, Tyvak is looking for CubeSats to fly on this mission.


  • Download slides in PDF format here (3MB)

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