2015.A.2.2. CuSPP+: an interplanetary CubeSat to study particle acceleration


Eric Christian (1)
Mihir Desai (2)
Neil Murphy (3)

  1. NASA GSFC, United States of America
  2. Southwest Research Institute, United States of America
  3. NASA JPL, United States of America




Space Weather


CuSPP+ is a 6U interplanetary CubeSat that has a high probability of being selected for one of the EM-1 launch slots in 2018. It is an upgrade of an already funded 3U low-earth-orbit CubeSat (CuSPP: CubeSat mission to study Solar Particles over the Earth’s Poles). It will study the acceleration of particles in the heliosphere, and hopefully serve as a precursor to a fleet of interplanetary CubeSats to study space weather. The science goals and engineering tradeoffs of CuSPP+ will be discussed.


  • Download slides in PDF format here (8MB)

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