2015.A.1.4. An L1 CubeSat monitor for space weather


Markos Trichas (1)
Matthew Stuttard (1)

  1. Airbus Defence and Space, United Kingdom




L1, space weather, IOD, science


Airbus Defence and Space has carried out a Phase-0 study to design and assess the feasibility of a 6U Cubesat mission to L1 to monitor space weather. The study looked at science requirements, a model instrument payload, and a mission/spacecraft concept. We have focused on a mission to L1 both as an in-orbit demonstration of deep space Cubesat capabilities but also to verify science benefits from synergies with DSCOVR. The baseline payload will be a miniaturised magnetometer with the potential addition of a miniaturised solar wind monitor. The platform and all subsystems, such as AOCS, propulsion, communications, power, platform, are based on flown CubeSat technologies. We have performed a detailed analysis of all systems in terms of survivability in L1. The SLS launch to EM1 has been selected on the basis of providing the smallest DV requirements for a transfer to L1.


  • Download slides in PDF format here (8MB)

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