2019.B.2.2. Deep Space Communication and Exploration of Solar System Through Inter-Lagrangian Data Relay Satellite Constellation


Monirul Islam (1)
Rashedul Huq (1)
Miftahur Rahman (1)

  1. North South University, Bangladesh




Deep Space Communication, Planetary mission, Lagrangian point, Interplanetary constellation, Data Relay Satellite


Interplanetary communication and deep space exploration research have been undertaken by most of the leading global space agencies. It is required to have an uninterrupted communication links among the planets of the solar system to support future space missions and human colonization in and around the solar system. At present, we don’t have an integrated interplanetary network links and infrastructure that can be used to meet the vision and mission of the proposed future deep space exploration. To support these types of communication, our proposal is to develop a Cluster Based Data Relay Satellite Network Architecture across the whole solar system. For developing this architecture, we need to split the current Direct to Earth (DTE) communication system and transform it to communicate through multiple relay satellites. The proposed system is based on satellite constellations in the Earth-Moon Lagrangian orbits, alongside with Earth-Sun Lagrangian orbits. It creates a direct link to the satellites in Lagrangian orbit of other planets and hence it will extend the network to support uninterrupted interplanetary data links and continuous communications in near future. Thus through the support of multiple data relay satellites, transmission of signals direct to the Earth (DTE) from any deep space spacecraft will not be required. Therefore the spacecrafts or probes will be much smaller in size allowing the CubeSat missions to operate throughout the solar system. It can significantly increase the data transfer rate and reduce the chances of communication disruption or system failure. The increased data volume is directly related to the diversity of future deep space missions. The proposed interplanetary satellite network could support and ensure the development of future deep space missions, human colonization of Moon and other planets, asteroid mining and exploration of inner and outer solar system. Furthermore, in the proposed system we want to deploy two satellites in the Earth-Moon Lagrangian orbit L4 & L5 as primary or core interplanetary data communication hub and another two satellites in Earth-Sun Lagrangian orbit L4 & L5 as the alternative or secondary data relay constellation. It includes free space optical laser communication with dual band (X-band & Ka-band) RF data link along with dedicated channels of Telemetry & Telecommand data relay facility in UHF band.


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