2018.A.4.2. The PicSat Mission


Sylvestre Lacour (1)
Vincent Lapeyrere (1)
Mathias Nowak (1)
Lester David (1)
Antoine Crouzier (1)
Maarten Roos (1)

  1. LESIA, France




Photometry, Exoplanets


The PicSat satellite lift off from Madras on the 12th of January 2018. During 10 weeks we got continuous telemetry from the satellite thanks to the remote help of many radio-amateurs worldwide. The goal was to achieve precise photometry of the star Beta Pictoris, in the event of the transit of its planet. On the 20th of March, the satellite went suddenly silent and was never heard again. During this talk, I will present the origin of the project and how we managed to set up the satellite in the short period of 3 years. We will present the different choices we had to face, the different difficulty/hurdle we had to overcome. Between other, the dimensioning choices, the orbital parameters, and the problems resulting from the French Space Operation Act (LOS in French). Finally, we will present the results from these 10 weeks of operation, and the lessons learned from this project.


  • Download slides in PD~F format here (96MB)

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