2017.B.4.2. New techniques for radiation testing of CubeSats


Jiri Hofman (1)
Richard Sharp (1)
Jiri Haze (2)

  1. Cobham, United Kingdom
  2. Cobham, Czech Republic




CubeSat, space radiation, total dose effects, dosimetry


The presentation will give an introduction to radiation effects on board of CubeSats with emphasis on the limited shielding of a typical CubeSat chassis and resulting radiation exposure during interplanetary missions. The motivation of this work is to enable radiation testing for low-cost missions, where the classical radiation testing would not be affordable.  On top of that, the typical CubeSat hardware is designed using the latest technology making the radiation testing even more challenging. The new testing approach will be presented and its advantages and limits be discussed.

The practical part of the talk will present a radiation test of RadEx – a CubeSat Radiation Experiment, which has been developed to allow in-orbit testing of latest technology of analogue to digital conversion using commercial parts. This highly miniaturised experiment has been designed specifically for CubeSat missions with respect of the power and size limits. It provides in-flight measurements of a total ionizing dose and its impact on the mixed-signal electronics. Two missions will fly this experiment in 2018.


  • Download slides in PDF format here (1MB)

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