2017.B.1.4. Preliminary Design of Satellite Constellation for Regional Navigation System


Luqman Fathurrohim (1)
Ridanto Eko Poetro (1)
Putra Adnan Fadilah (1)
Muhammad Iqbal (1)
Bintang Kurniadi (1)

  1. FTMD ITB, Indonesia




Navigation, nano satellite, payload


A low cost Regional Navigation Satellite System employing a constellation of nano satellites has been proposed for Indonesian coverage. The constellation of Low Earth Orbit nano satellites of course will not be able to give better position fix than GPS. This paper describes the preliminary design of the proposed regional navigation satellite system which consists of a constellation of 32 nano satellites. Each satellite has a 3 kg mass, a 10 W on power requirement at the peak condition, and 2.7 years of lifetime. Payload communications of the satellite will use UHF and TT&C communication will use VHF. The total area of solar panel will be 0.11 m2.


  • Will be made available for download after the workshop

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