2017.A.4.3. SERB, a nanosatellite dedicated to observe the Sun and the Earth


Mustapha Meftah (1)
Alain Sarkissian (2)

  1. CNRS, France
  2. LATMOS, France




SERB, nanosatellite, Sun, Earth


The SERB mission is a future innovative nanosatellite, which is design to improve and pursue the study of the interaction between the Earth and the Sun. The nanosatellite aims to measure on the same platform the  absolute value of the total solar irradiance and its variability, the UV solar spectral variability, and the different components  of the Earth’s radiative budget. Instrumental payloads, such as space-based solar radiometer, can acquire the technical maturity for future large missions by flying in a CubeSat. This presentation is intended to introduce technical innovations design for this proof-of-concept nanosatellite. Its aim is to demonstrate the ability to build a low-cost satellite with high accuracy measurements in order to have scientific constant flow of data from space.


  • Download the slides in PDF format here (19MB)

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