2017.A.1.3. PIXE 2017: PocketSpacecraft Integrated eXploration Environment


Michael Johnson (1)

  1. JA / PocketSpacecraft.com, China / United Kingdom / United States of America




PocketSpacecraft.com Integrated eXploration Environment, PIXE, Interplanetary CubeSat Mothership, ICM, Thin-Film Spacecraft/Lander/Rover, TF-SLR, Phase Array CubeSat Earth Station, PACES, thin-film subsystems, 0.5U CubeSat, modular propulsion, solar sailing, entry descent landing, EDL


Flight ready PocketSpacecraft.com Interplanetary CubeSat Motherships (ICMs) to deploy hundreds of Thin-Film Spacecraft/Lander/Rovers (TF-SLRs) are currently undergoing final testing before integration for launch. These three axis stabilised 0.5U CubeSat platforms with redundant COTS /rad-tolerant/rad-hard avionics, amateur radio and CCSDS compatible U/V/S-band communications, and support for optional bolt-on 1U propulsion modules, are built from hybrid thin-film subsystems bonded to metal structures that provide standards compliance and shielding.

Amateur and professionally designed TF-SLR payloads are configured and managed using a user friendly cross platform integrated spacecraft design, simulation and operations application, currently being beta tested by a panel of consumers and space professionals for scientific, education and technology demonstrations. A network of conventional tracking antennas and Phase Array CubeSat Earth Stations (PACES) is currently being qualified to support initial upcoming PocketSpacecraft.com Integrated eXploration Environment (PIXE) missions.

As the initial system implementation moves from concept to operation, support for next generation TF-SLR functionality such as on-orbit customisation/manufacturing, point and click solar sailing, and entry, descent and landing is currently under development with academic, commercial and government partners in the Americas, Asia and Europe for integration into future iterations of PIXE.


  • Download the slides in PDF format here (8MB)

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