2016.P.1.4. CubeSat deployed Mars microlander networks


Michael Johnson (1)
Colin Wilson (2)
Julie McCann (1)

  1. Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  2. University of Oxford, United Kingdom




Interplanetary CubeSat, Thin-Film spacecraft, Mars


To improve the characterisation of Martian global circulation, ideally a large fleet of microlanders would be deployed on Mars to provide global ground truth measurements. Previous proposals for such networks such as NetLander have typically proposed a relatively small number (<10) of traditional high reliability, high cost landers be deployed with precision landings. Recent developments in Interplanetary CubeSats and Thin-Film Spacecraft/Lander/Rovers (TF-SLRs) suggest a new approach with 100s-1000s of microlanders might now be viable at relatively low cost.


  • Download the poster in PDF format here (9MB)

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